First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. I initially started out writing on Instagram, anonymously, under the pseudonym of Postnatal Depression and I. Being frustrated at the lack of support out there for mothers with PND, I decided to start writing about it myself and documenting my journey. So many women proceeded to get in contact with me through the page, all feeling as I was, so that lead me to setting up an online PND and Anxiety support group on Facebook.  Feeling like somewhat of a fraud promoting the idea that there was no shame in having PND, it took me six weeks to put a name and a face to the page. I have continued to document my progress over on Instagram but found I was getting far too wordy for the amount of space given per caption, hence the move!

I’m 31, mom to Oscar, and wife to my husband of 14 years. I’m a secondary school teacher, and I’m lucky to say I adore my job. I love (in no particular order) books, trees, sleep, coffee, wine, candles, looking at the sea and the sound of complete silence.

That’s me in a nutshell.

Anything else, please do get in contact.