Any Fool Can Know

As I’m a deep thinker and hugely empathetic, I often wonder how people are happy to breeze through life simply ‘knowing’ things but failing to understand them.

When I say this I’m referring to things that are directly in their life path or concerning those they know, or consider to know: issues like mental health, fertility issues, same-sex marriage, abortion and addiction. These issues affect essentially everyone in some way, yet so many are so ignorant to these topics. I don’t expect people to understand the workings of Wall Street and the stock markets, how to stop war, nor how to cure world hunger; but the issues that directly affect and concern them? Yes.

Issues such as the aforementioned are often heavily stigmatised, and I can assure you that people who have come up against these issues form some of the most strong, well balanced and all rounded members of society. These issues are heavily stigmatised not due to the lack of information available, but because people are happy in their ignorant bliss. A harsh statement perhaps, but a true one nonetheless.

I don’t ask much of anyone, but the one thing I do ask is that people try to understand the issues directly concerning those surrounding them. A little understanding could effectively help someone in ways you could never know. You don’t need to walk their journey with them, you just need to understand. You just need to be empathetic.

As Albert Einstein stated:

Any fool can know.

The point is to understand.


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